Friday, 7 February 2020

Red on white

I just spotted this in my back garden. It's only the start of February but there are signs of life everywhere and it is great to have a splash of colour to liven up the winter garden.

It reminds me of the red collection I brought out in London, the bright red sea bamboo claw-set on sterling silver branch. I really loved crafting the branches and look forward to restarting my silversmithing when I get my new studio set up in the next couple of weeks. The shot was taken in the Full Focus studio, London.

I have ideas ready to go as I had some time last year to draw and experiment with watercolour, oils and lots of drawings. More to follow.

Happy 2020!

Monday, 22 January 2018

London Art Fair

I never miss the London Art Fair and 2018 didn't disappoint. Amongst all my favourite galleries and artists from all over the UK, I came across this stunning and intriguing video work by Davy and Kristin Maguire, represented by Woolff Gallery.

The viewer is drawn in to look behind the exquisitely cutout architecture to watch a tiny film noir scene, set in a smoky factory featuring a woman in 40's clothes, lighting a cigarette.

'Davy and Kristin‘s hybrid art works are delicate, filigree fantasies built with fragile materials that are momentarily brought to life through digital projections and silent storytelling'  Wolff Gallery

Monday, 13 November 2017

Cara Gordon Masterclass

Members of the AADE  took part in a fantastic workshop at the Ulster Museum on Saturday with Cara Gordon, learning how to create a narrative through drawing.

Using collage techniques and adding texture, we drew bold charcoal images on top and I was amazed at the results we produced.

It is the opposite of the way I've been drawing recently - detailed pencil work and currently working on a drawing that has now taken hours and is still not finished.

It was a breath of fresh air to draw like this and I loved walking around the museum for inspiration.

My new favourite museum object is this boat with billowing sails on the ground floor. Cara directed us so well and I think got the best work out of each one of us.

Cara's book of collaged figures

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Island Arts Centre, Lisburn

I'm exhibiting two of my still-life paintings at the AADE group exhibition at Island Arts Centre for the month of November.  Worth checking out the exhibition if you're in Lisburn this month.

Here are my paintings, complete with plastic wrapping, just back from being framed at Art and Home, Holywood.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Art and Design in Education Annual Exhibition

Holywood Library was packed last Saturday afternoon for the private view of the AADE art exhibition, opened by artist Brian Ballard.  It's open all week on the airy first floor of the library, the art is for sale and proceeds are in support of the charity PIPS

Great to meet all those amazing art teachers and see a fantastic range of work all in one space!

One of my 3 entries  - Puer Teacup

Wednesday, 16 August 2017

Craftswirl, Armagh August 2017

My jewellery and two series of drawings and paintings are being exhibited in Craftswirl, Armagh Visitors' Centre for the month of August. I'm excited to be exhibiting in N Ireland for the first time in a few years and looking forward to doing more shows locally now that I'm back in Belfast.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Camogli Stones

I'm working on my new series of drawings 'Camogli Stones'. We hung out at Camogli in Liguria, Italy this summer and I was mesmerised by these stones on the beach - in the water they sparkled and glistened, with the richest deep green and black colours. When dry, they revert back to their more subtle greys with white streaks and pale green markings
I've spent hours at home drawing them in bright sunlight.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Cathy Hart Sculpture

My sister Cathy had her final Open Studios this summer at the legendary Arches Studios in Peckham. She'll soon be leaving London and will be Belfast-based, creating funky sculptures like this big bird which sold recently, so look out for her work! 

 I hope the Arches Studios stay standing for a long time, despite Peckham's gentrification - artists and locals keeping the heart and soul of Peckham alive and kicking. 

Belfast Print Workshop

I had a fantastic day being taught how to monoprint at the Belfast Print Workshop yesterday.

 Playing with gorgeous vibrant oils, collages and using a giant printing press. Great teaching and lovely group of students who like me wanted to brush up on their skills and try out new techniques. 

Saturday, 25 June 2016

BP Portrait award 2016

Usually get to see this every year and it never disappoints. I loved the seeming simplicity of the winning portrait by Clara Drummond. It's subtle colours and arresting gaze standing out amongst the photorealism that is so prevalent.

Also good to see another portrait by Mark Shields, from Northern Ireland, whose work I've often seen in this exhibition.

By chance, I saw one of his self-portraits last weekend, a tiny pencil drawing, in Gainsborough's house, in Sudbury, Suffolk - in an exhibition of portraits from the Andrew Lambirth Collection.

New Tate Modern

Had a quick look at new extension at Tate and I love the curved staircase and the texture of the raw concrete.

New bookshops- huge mesmerizing choice of art books.
 And Ai Weiwei's tree 

Saturday, 7 May 2016

London Original Print Fair 2016 at the RA

We enjoyed seeing the incredible variety of world class art at the RA print fair last night. Stunning and humorous contemporary art amongst some older twentieth century artists' work.

If I could, I would have bought my absolute favourite, a tiny detailed print by Rembrandt of a seated beggar with the familiar self portrait looking directly out. I hadn't expected to come across something so sublime and moving on a crowded Friday night in the West End.